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Phew!! Good TO BE BACK!!! June 15, 2009

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ok guys! so. whats up? yay! summer is FINALLY here!! woo woo!!!!

um… I think im going to start another contest.soon. i need help tho. what should it be about? Be sure to write your comments here!! and thanks, guys. but you know, this site isnt really as good as webkinz…. BUT. i can NOT BELIEVE webkinz is copying CP!!!! Now you have to be a member and pay $5.99 a month!!!


O M G!!

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someone hacked my account, changed my pass, and changed EVERYTHING!!! im soo sorry guys!! really i am!!!!


Contest! =) October 2, 2008

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Hey guys!

I’m SO excited. We are going to have a contest! What type of contest, you might ask. Well, we are going to have a Pet contest. All you have to do, is mail one REALLY cute picture of your pet to:

Pet Contest! 


PO box 609138

Orlando Fl, 32860

Deadline is December 1, 2008.

Here are the rules:

1. Pictures can be a copy, or an original.

2. Pictures may NOT be printed off the web. I can tell if your entries are plagiarism.

3. Along with photo of your pet, you must provide what type of breed. For instance, you have a dog. You must tell me what type of dog it is. Same thing for birds, cats, fishes, horses, hamsters, etc. You must also tell me how old your pet is. You don’t have to do age. Just use puppy, young, adult, or senior. And also, I will not accept pictures taking at least two years ago. The photo must be recent. Oh, and don’t forget your email or phone number.

4. You may only submit one entry per family. That also means, you can only submit one pet picture. However, if you have two pets, you can take a picture of them both together.

5. Last but not least, Have Fun!

Now, if you don’t have a pet, (if you have a fish, send a picture of that, too! I take fish pictures) You can send a picture of a REALLY cute stuffed Animal.

Winner will be announced December 24, 2008.

Oh wait, I forgot the prizes.

First place: Gets to help me with my blog

I’m sorry, but I can only award one person.

Good Luck!

And don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog. =)


Club Penguin October 1, 2008

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Hey guys! Its me, Jo. I just wanted to tell you guys about one of my two FAVORITE websites. First, there’s Club Penguin (CP). It’s a site where you get to chat with friends

Here’s the link

Then, there’s this other site, CP Cheats. Now THAT is my FAV. It tells you all about glitches, secrets, and tips.

Here’s the link

Be sure to tell your friends about my blog, and also go to these sites. You can find them also in My Favorite Links, on the left hand side.


Oh, and also, there’s a party on club penguin, so register while you can!

Next post I’ll show you what my penguin looks like. (more…)



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Hey guys.

I think I’m going to shut this blog down. I have NO hits. 😦

Maybe if you guys could tell your friends, and persuade me to not quit, I will. Just reply a lot of times to this post.

Bye 😦


How does this look? September 23, 2008

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Glitter Photos
[ – *Glitter Photos*]


My Dream Puppy!!!!

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Glitter Photos
[ – *Glitter Photos*]