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Club Penguin October 1, 2008

Filed under: Some of my most favorite websites — Jo @ 7:23 pm

Hey guys! Its me, Jo. I just wanted to tell you guys about one of my two FAVORITE websites. First, there’s Club Penguin (CP). It’s a site where you get to chat with friends

Here’s the link

Then, there’s this other site, CP Cheats. Now THAT is my FAV. It tells you all about glitches, secrets, and tips.

Here’s the link

Be sure to tell your friends about my blog, and also go to these sites. You can find them also in My Favorite Links, on the left hand side.


Oh, and also, there’s a party on club penguin, so register while you can!

Next post I’ll show you what my penguin looks like.

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    4 Responses to “Club Penguin”

    1. cassidy Says:

      hi its me I was finally done with my home work and decided to go on wo wo wo has this web site changed call me please thank you bye!!!

    2. Emily Says:


    3. Emily Says:

      Why is everything crossed out

    4. Club Penguin girl Says:


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