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Im very disapointed!!! September 15, 2008

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Whats up with you guys??? I mean, no one goes on anymore!!!

This next 2 weeks project will be postponed until I see someone post that they’ve done the last project. 😦


Projects and Password Hint September 3, 2008

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I can’t wait until September 15! I have already decided what to do for our next project! It will remain a secret. UNLESS you can figure out the password to the last post.

Hint: What my two favorite animals are. There are no capitals and there are no spaces. This is what I will always do, to cause some excitement, but the password will always be different. I will hide it somewhere in my blog.

Here is an example: Today (horsesandfishes) we will share what types of pets we have and if we have some. It is OK if you don’t have one. Just post “I don’t have one, but I want a ________.

But in the password, you will not use parenthesis.

Have Fun!

P.S. The one in the example isn’t it. And I might put it between a word!

Make sure you search EVERY(dogsandcats)WHERE!


Protected: Projects

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Projects! #1 September 1, 2008

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Hi Guys! Today is the very first project!! 🙂 I trying to get an idea of what to do, so this first project is going to be easy. We’re going to start by helping the enviroment. These two weeks, you’re going to start by picking up any trash you see. You could start at your street, your neighborhood, or even go to your local park. This is just the beginning. This project will be from Septtember 1, to September 15. Hope you have fun!!

Now, get going!!!!! 🙂


Projects August 27, 2008

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Hey Guys!

Every two weeks, I’m gonna have a project for you to do that will help animals. The projects will start next month on September 1. I’ll try to have it up by then. Until then, have fun! 😀

HAHA!!! I have you all under my CONTROL!!!! >:D


Hi Guys!!!! August 24, 2008

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Hope you have fun at my club!!!

Here, we LOVE animals and would NEVER hurt them.


Hi Guys!

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Hey! This is where I get all my pictures of animals from: