Animal Lover's Club!

If you LOVE animals, this is the plce to be!

This is my Picture Page August 24, 2008

At my club, we ALL must LOVE animals. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, you just have to LOVE them.

Hope you like the gallery!!!

P.S. I added new pictures! :):D


One Response to “This is my Picture Page”

  1. cassidy Says:

    you guys at the club are so care and and I love animals I would never hurt them and I have two and people are suprised how much I take care of them I feed them when the are hungrey a take them to the bathroom when they need to go potty and most of all I love them so much I have a dog and a cat im geting a rabbit and a suncuner(a type of bird)I LOVE THIS WEBSITE AND ALL MY FRIENDS IN IT!!!!!!!

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